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Links to Other Polyamory Sites

  • There is a fairly good newsgroup that deals with the subject of polyamory.  It is very active, but watch out for trolls.  

  • The Simple Guide to Relationships .   You must read this.   No, seriously.   You absolutely must .   I insist.   I am very, very fond of TheMonkey .  He's intelligent, insightful and entertaining.  I have a big honking crush on his mind.  (Never met him in person, so have no idea how I would react to his corporate aspects).  READ HIS STUFF!!! Monkey smart.  Monkey Has Learned Things. Monkey Write Good.   You really might also want to check out his Associates Degree for Multiple Partner Disorder .   It's sensible.   Then there's Edward Martin's Simple Guide to Relationships .   Also excellent stuff.   If you're dealing with a breakup, there's also Breaking Up is Hard to Do .  

  • There is also an e-zine called Loving More .  Their print magazine is now back in publication! Check 'em out! 

  • If you ever have occasion to seek help for mental illness and are poly, you often have a tough row to hoe. One of the first things you can hand your therapist is this paper, called "What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory". In my opinion, it is one of the best things you can do to aid in getting your therapist up to speed on the subject and get the help you need.

  • The Polyamory Society has a lot of links and practical advice about polyamory.  I like this particular page a lot because it deals with polyamory in a poly family and family situation. There's also a little comment I wrote in there about polyamory and how people react to it .  

  • You also might want to check out this post about intentional communities, the nuclear family and the day to day life of one particular one.  

  • This isn't actually a polyamory site at all, but for anyone trying to organize a chaotic house, this site is a real gift.  

    The Organized Home

  • This isn't really a polyamory site, either, but it has a lot of links to saving a lot of money .  

  • Contracts for Living Together is yet another Nolo Press article it would do you well to read.  It is yet another way to protect everyone in thepoly family by clearly stating intentions.  

  • Home Education has comments, links and a series of essays for the homeschooler.  I know it's a common perception these days that the homeschooler is a fundamentalist Christian, but this by someone who is not.  She makes a lot of valid points and has a nice, readable style.  

  • FlyLady is a site for the disorganized homemaker who wants to get things in order and in gear.  I like it very much, as I do have a busy and activehousehold.  I recommend it for any of you poly people running the home.  
  • Extended Families -- This site focuses on relationships, and pulls from a variety of sources and academic/scientific studies. It's fairly new, but looks to me like it will turn into an excellent resource. Check it out!

  • Polyamory? What? Why? How? -- Both the Goddess of Giggle and the Goddess of Java think this is a very good site.   It has a good Polyamory 101 document, guide for dating couples, a secondary's bill of rights, and talks about Polyamory for monogamous people.   Check it out.  

A portrait of the Goddess of Java rendered by the Goddess of Giggle

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