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So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

This is my last Misanthrope column. I’m going to be retiring from any sort of participation in the Polyamory community. I won’t be running the PolyFamilies List, nor updating the PolyFamilies site.

I’ve asked that Julie take over ownership, and she has graciously consented. The list will likely go on as usual, as no-one ever really did moderate it to any real degree. However, as she's got a lot going on at the moment, please don't flood her with emails or questions about it (This last feedback form does go to me, so writing from here is not flooding her, but I'm not promising that I will have time to answer a lot of email, either). She's taking it over, but that's as a big favor to me and the poly community.

I want to thank everyone for the letters, support and input throughout the past five years. While this is a chapter closing in my life, it has been a meaningful one and I’m grateful to everyone involved.

-- Noël Lynne Figart

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