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Recommended Reading

If you have found the PolyFamilies site useful, you can help defray the costs of running it, at no real extra expense to yourself, by buying anything you'd intended to buy from Amazon.com through this site.   It doesn't even have to be poly specific.   If you're looking for anything and use the search box at the bottom of this page, it'll still help.

  • Relationships


    I love the approach of this book.   While the book is not poly specific, it does take into account the idea of poly relationships.


    I just finished reading The Ethical Slut ten minutes ago, and it is a very good book -- especially if you're in the Poly 101 phase and are dealing with security and relationship issues. One of the very best things I liked about the book was the re-iteration of owning one's own sexual tastes. While my own sexual tastes and behavior do not run to all of the same things as the authors describe, they point out that being sex positive means knowing what you like, what you don't and all people are free to express this and abide by it. It's a rare book that uses the phrase "sex positive" and describes an orgy that won't get an eyeroll from me and the book tossed across the room. I've been told I'm uptight because I don't like orgies. The authors reject THAT idea entirely, and focus on exploring who you are and what you want. Do read it. It's good.


    Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits: Secrets of Sustainable Intimate Relationships is strongly recommended by many veterans of the poly lifestyle.

    1001 Ways to be Romantic is not poly specific, but does talk about sustaining relationships.   I find this important.

    Open Marriage:

  • Science


    David Barash and Judith Lipton have a way of making the science of non-monogamy extremely entertaining.  They have a sharp wit and love to play with the reader.  This is great ammunition for those that try to tell you that polyamory is unnatural and that monogamy is the true nature of human biology.

  • Fiction


    You didn't honestly think I was going to recommend a bunch of poly books without recommending Stranger in a Strange Land , did you? Heinlein was an author that did turn a fair number of people on to polyamory, and this was the book that started it all for many -- including me.   Do read it.  

  • Movies


    I enjoyed Splendor , but The Beast had this comment after we saw it: "It's okay, but if you were a super hero, would you be all that moved by Superman? That's just our life." Don't take that too literally.   I like to think we're a little more mature than the characters in this story.

  • Money


    This book is brilliant.   Buy it, buy it, buy it.   It explains the principles of acquiring wealth so simply and is an very easy read.   Buy it.   Did I mention I loved it?

  • Home Maintenance

    How to Fix Damn Near Everything is a good general book on the concepts fixing stuff.   The Goddess of Giggle likes the principles.


    I've known people to love the FlyLady and I've known other people to find her annoying.   I rather like her approach and recommend that you try her out if you've been struggling trying to keep a house in order.

  • If you can't find what you're looking for....

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