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In an attempt to get people together in realtime, I've opened a PolyFamilies Chat room on IRC.   Just download some IRC software ( pIRCh and mIRC are two very popular ones), make sure you sign on irc.icq.com, the join the PolyFamilies channel.  Or you can use this Panel.   Just sign on.   (In truth, I don't like this panel all that much.   Clunky, persnickity interface.

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Click here to subscribe to the PolyFamilies announcements list. This is not a discussion list, but merely a list that will let you get updates to the site and announcement about PolyFamilies events.

If you're actually a member of a poly family, you can join this list.   Most of us find it refreshing to be able to discuss poly issues with people who "live the dream" as it were.   You don't actually have to be a member of a poly marriage to join, but most members are.
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